Can you guess where our next Aquaponics Farm is being built? 🌡

If you guessed Mexico City, you'd be right!

Fueled by the support of our amazing collaborative community, FFC’s next project is under way! On June 4th, our team will head to Mexico City to begin the construction of a customized aquaponics farm for a safe home run by El Pozo De Vida (The Well of Life).

Their center, which is committed to offering the best care possible, sees numerous clients throughout the day-many who have been forced into drug addictions. Through collaboration with social workers, therapists, and rehabilitation programs, El Pozo de Vida has developed its own rehabilitation program for sex slave, and sex-trafficking, victims. At El Pozo de Vida, they believe in the importance of holistic care, where mind, body, and soul are all considered in the effort to restore health, dignity, and purpose to victims of the sex slave trade. By providing a sustainable food source, as well as a therapeutic activity for the girls of the home (aged 12-18), this aquaponics farm will be a life-changing resource.

Today, there are over 27 million slaves around the world; 7-8 million are children. We can't thank you enough for helping to fight the greatest human rights tragedy of our generation.

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Nate K