Great news! New farm in Iquitos, Peru is completed :)

Great news! We're excited to announce that we've officially completed the aquaponics farm in Iquitos Peru.

This wonderful project was done in partnership with Help One Now, and was made possible by all of you who financially support FFC. Thank you.

In response to the extreme poverty and trafficking that plagues Iquitos, Help One Now has recently empowered some amazing local leaders to establish a safe home to provide love, hope, restoration, refuge, safety, and healing for survivors of human trafficking. The installation of the farm for the safe home in Iquitos will provide a source of healthy, fresh produce for this community of survivors. It also has the potential to provide a source of income as well as a pathway to teach many others in the community valuable life skills.

After recently being trained in trauma care, Mercedes (pictured above) helps manage the safe home in Iquitos. It was nearly twenty years ago that she and her late husband first dreamed of a safe place for abused women and children in their community. We are excited to partner with her by bringing a sustainable aquaponics farm to her precious girls and young women.

“So thankful for you all…. together we build.” 
-Chris Marlow (CEO of Help One Now)

Thank you all for your generous support in moving the mission of FFC forward.

Bucky Buchstaber

Below are two short videos for you to watch. One highlights the home, which is discretely tucked away in the Amazon forest, and the other, the new farm that you helped create.

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