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Summer. Fall. And Beyond!

Our dedicated team of farm specialists has been working tirelessly on the newest designs for FFC’s aquaponics farms, so we want to give you a peek into a few of the amazing projects we have planned for this summer and fall.

We’re happy to report that our 11th and 12th farms are scheduled for installment in Peru & Uganda. Demand for new farms continues to find us as we’re constantly fine-tuning our designs to offer the most productive, efficient, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting farms possible. Our farms serve diverse communities, including orphanages that care for abandoned kids suffering from extreme poverty, safe homes that care for for victims of heinous trafficking crimes, and schools that offer refuge, meal programs, and empowerment through education.

Every project matters, and every person matters. Together through your generous support, you are making a lasting difference and giving precious humans the life-changing gift of aquaponics farming, which empowers their communities with vital tools. We can’t thank you enough.

In August we will build our next farm in Iquitos Peru, an area where Peruvian women and children are especially vulnerable to the evil schemes of traffickers due to poor economic stability and unmet needs for sufficient livelihood. You can find more details about this upcoming project here.

Once we complete the farm in Peru, we head to Uganda, Africa. This farm will be for a restaurant called Elephante Commons, in the city of Gulu. This restaurant is no ordinary restaurant. Elephante Commons employs villagers and victims of trafficking in order to give them a better life and bring healing to their community. The restaurant is also connected to a vocational training center that teaches job skills and farming practices to local youth and victims of trafficking. A new aquaponics farm will provide food for the restaurant and create valuable opportunities to learn sustainable farming and other skills.

In our upcoming newsletters, we look forward to sharing more details about this project and other projects that are on the horizon.

Check out our latest farm designs!

These three farm models are suited to meet a variety of needs from small safe-homes to entire villages.



Features an 4′ x 16′ raft bed and media bed:

• 168-194 lettuce sites.
• 1150 lbs greens, 500 lbs veggies/yearly
• Can produce 180 lbs. of tilapia yearly

ffc5 001.jpg


Features an 4′ x 32′ raft bed and media bed:

• 236 - 392 lettuce sites.
• 2300 lbs greens, 1000 lbs veggies/yearly
• Can produce 180 lbs. of tilapia yearly



Features three 4′ x 32′ raft bed and one 4′ x 32′ media bed:

• 708 - 1182 lettuce sites
• 7000 lbs greens, 1000 lbs veggies/yearly
• Can produce 520 lbs. of tilapia yearly

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