Northern Thailand

Location: Northern Thailand

Date: October 2014

Work completed: One 30x50 ft greenhouse structure with tilapia fish farm to provide the harvest of 2,000-3,000 fish every 3-4 months and the harvest of 200-400 vegetable plants every 6-12 weeks.

Serving: Three children homes hosting 163 youth rescued from entering human trafficking.  
Is there a reward greater than to sit down to a dinner table, in a home on the edge Thailand’s tropical jungle and to peer into the young faces of children who’ve been spared from a horrible future? To break bread with 163 youth rescued from the cruel injustice of human trafficking? Rescued from a lifetime of slavery?

Their eyes still curious and full of wonder peer back. Their smile, their laughter, it imprints upon your mind, it imprints upon your heart, it imprints upon your soul. And, it’s overwhelming to know that due to the positive change rippling across the fly fishing community, these children across three Thai kid homes now receive an opportunity for a positive future, a future with smiles and laughter.

Fly anglers and supporters each imparted their own unique passions to enable the construction of this tilapia farm in Thailand. Each collaborator’s communication, trip and fly donation, wallet purchase, manual labor, time and encouragement provided each one of these rescued kids sustainable care and nutrition that will serve them for many years to come.

Fly Fishing Collaborative