Newsletter: October 2015

Mark Your Calendar!

Saturday, November 21st from 5–8pm is Fly Fishing Collaborative's benefit party held at Filson in downtown Portland. They've generously opened up their storefront for live music, food and drinks. Plus, 20% of all purchases that night will go directly to our aquaponic farm projects. Thank you Filson! 


Farm Reports

In a few short days, Construction and Operations Managers Jason and Brenda Sommer embark on a journey back to Africa. They will spend 5 weeks in Uganda, Rwanda and Zimbabwe delivering needed Fish Farm supplies and hosting operational training sessions for the on-location staff. Aquaponic Fish Farms are providing resources for these orphanages and schools, to operate more self-sustainably through production of Tilapia and Vegetables. FFC is committed to the continued support of these Fish Farms, which are operating amongst these places of refuge - where kids are saved from unimaginable evils and given safety and new opportunities to achieve beyond their circumstances. We want to see every child live with the freedom to become whoever they want to be. These kids deserve to live in safety, free from exploitation and abuse.

We passionately believe that every one of these children's lives matter! And with the continued support of FFC collaborators, YOU, we will help them reach their potentials and embrace a new outlook for life.


In The Media

Head over to newsstands nationwide to pick up your copy of American Angler to read what best-selling author Chris Santella has to say about FFC!  Also, don't miss your chance to win one of our heirloom fly wallets from Revive Fly Fishing's giveaway.

Well known author and fly fisherman Chris Santella wrote an excellent article about the collaborative that is now featured in American Angler’s current fall issue.  Santella is a valued collaborator and tells our story well.  Thank you Chris, and the whole team at American Angler, for sharing our story.

This month team at Revive Fly Fishing is giving away one of our heirloom fly wallets. Get in on the fun at Revive Fly Fishing for a chance at win a one of a kind fly wallet. 


Featured Collaborator

Nick Rowell, owner of Anadromous Angler,  has more than just a passion for helping fellow anglers learn to catch trout and steelhead. Nick gives back through his passion of fly fishing so that together we can all leave a tangible impact on the world.

Guides are an integral part of the fly fishing industry and the life blood of our industry. They lead education for others, advance fly fishing technologies and have a direct pulse on the importance of taking care of people and our natural resources. Collaborative guides include folks who show interest in taking one step further in service to the industry and to our worldly environments. They serve as ambassadors to others and provide the ability to support fundraising needs for future orphanage tilapia fish farms.

These sustainable ecosystems and farms couldn’t be completed without each fly shop crew and independent guide who chooses to collaborate. This includes individuals like Nick Rowell, owner of Anadromous Angler, who has more than just a passion for helping fellow anglers learn to catch trout and steelhead. Nick gives back through his passion of fly fishing so that together we can all leave a tangible impact on the world. This year, in learning about FFC’s 1st Annual Banquet, Nick again immediately dedicated his services for a 2016 Clackamas River steelhead trip. Nick’s trip and many others will be available during the banquet’s auction. Future trips can also be purchased through the FFC website.

Nick, it’s an honor to have your continued collaboration; it does not go without appreciation and remembrance of how you personally have impacted hundreds of kids through a few days of fly fishing.  

Featured Trip

Steelhead fishing with Keith Lyon of Jefferson Fly Water on the Klamath River, CA. Fall on the Klamath is spectacular. The colors, the wildlife and the large run of 'half-pounder' and adult steelhead. Days can go by without seeing another angler in this remote corner of Californiah. Starting in late November, the weather turns, but the fishing stays hot with a winter run through February. The Klamath has classic spey runs, incredible nymph water and top-water opportunities. With over 100 miles of fishable water, Keith with help you find the fish whatever the conditions may be. 

Space is available for one or two anglers ($425).

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