Our team is growing!


We are pleased to announce our newest construction and design managers, Aaron Imhof and Kate Wildrick. (Photo: Aaron and Kate with Murray Hallam – on the right, founder of Practical Aqauaponics)

As a self-taught inventor, and a proponent of the new energy movement, Aaron is passionate about creating new and renewable energy. Utilizing disciplines from many fields, he uses a holistic approach to develop and create sustainable solutions, which is especially helpful when building farms in areas where resources are limited. Aaron has also worked at a salmon hatchery and has done watershed restoration with AmeriCorps.

Kate used to be the co-owner of a lodge on the John Day River in Oregon that formed a town called Service Creek. Population - a whopping 2 people! There, she rented out rafts, ran shuttle services, and hosted many of the fly fishers in search of wild Steelhead. Prior to that, she worked for a software development company that created websites for many Outfitters and Fly Fishing Companies.

Kate and Aaron are the founders of Ingenuity Innovation Center (youringenuity.com). Their community-supported center specializes in creating sustainable solutions and sharing them in an open-source platform. The duo are best known for their work in aquaponics, and are strategic advisers to the Aquaponics Association where they work with some of the best global researchers, educators, and commercial aquaponics developers.

The mission of the Aquaponics Association is to promote the benefits of aquaponics through education and outreach. The organization is a valuable partner on our journey to empower struggling communities, and we are especially thankful to welcome Aaron and Kate onto our team. Together, they are powerful community builders who provide pathways to empower people to step into their passion and purpose. They have a genuine and contagious love for serving people, and their advanced skills in aquaponics farming will be an instrumental help on our mission to combat human trafficking. We are so thrilled to have Aaron and Kate join the FFC Farm Team.

Now, we know that Kate and Aaron can grow fish… but can they catch them?

Although Kate and Aaron haven’t spent a lot of time on the water with a fly rod, when we asked them if they would like to learn how to fly fish, they emphatically answered, “Yes, of course!” Time will certainly tell if their fish-catching skills can rival their impressive fish-growing skills.

Nate K