An Exciting Thailand Update!


An amazing story is developing here in Thailand, where a multitude of individuals from many walks of life have come together through their passions and differences to give opportunity to kids in need. Kids who are directly rescued from enslaved labor, forced begging rings, and sexual exploitation are being given a chance to achieve a life free from trafficking.

FFC is honored to come alongside of an incredible safe home in Northern Thailand to support them with an Aquaponics Farm. In a few short weeks this sustainable life solution will be fully operational and able to provide the basic necessities of daily food (with nutrient rich protein) for over 400 kids and staff! Having the reliable food sources are critical in the ongoing care and further allows the growth of safe homes, child education and the opportunity of free life choices.

Special thanks is given to all who gave and have acted to ensure this Aquaponics Farm comes to fruition and that future opportunities continue for the numerous kids still in dire need.

From Thailand,
Bucky Buchstaber
Founder and Executive Director of Fly Fishing Collaborative


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