Celebrating the completion of our most recent Aquaponics Farm!


We are proud to report that our most recent aquaponics farm project is officially complete! The farm construction team has retuned home from Thailand; exhausted, but overwhelmingly proud of the great work that has been accomplished. This work would not be possible without these combined efforts and the support of our collaborative community.

This farm has been gifted (given) to ZOE International, where safe homes are rehabilitating nearly 100 children that have all been rescued from unthinkable pasts. Because of ZOE International’s work, these children now have new roads to a better future. FFC couldn’t be more impressed with ZOE and the wonderful work that they are doing. They are one of very few organizations working directly with Thailand’s government officials to liberate these children from brothels, indentured servitude, labor slavery and prostitution rings in Thailand.

We are honored to support their work, and to bring this opportunity for better self-sustainability. Providing a reliable food source for these beloved kids will bring a greater variety of vegetables and fish proteins to these children and will make strides for each safe home itself to be one step closer to self-sustainabilty. What a privilege to make a lasting difference in the lives of these children. Thank you for helping to make it all possible, through your support.

A very special thanks goes out to our farm team and all of the volunteers who have sacrificed so much to be a part of this construction project:

Farm team

  • Jason Sommer Construction Manager
  • Brenda Sommer Project Coordinator
  • Joel Abeles Project Assistant 
  • Eric Stanfield Project Assistant 


  • Aaron Bickford Photography 
  • Chris Vandergrift video 
  • Luke Adams video 
  • David Fineran
  • Mia Sheppard 
  • Paul Ridgeway 
  • Crosby Buchstaber
  • Allie Vance 
  • Adam Johnson 
  • Kimberly Johnson 
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Hailey Johnson
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Chloe Johnson
  • Bruce Rife
  • Rick Colson 
  • Mychal Hall 
  • Greg Stipkala
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