Location: Belize

Date: March - April 2015

Project type: Aquaponic System Completion

Partners: Toledo Christian Academy and CHS - Todd Meyer

Project Cost: $23,188.81


Size and capacity

  • 50’ x 30’: Steel structure footprint

  • 6000 gallons: Recirculating water (20,000+ liter)

  • 4/4000 liter: Plastic fish tanks

  • 4000 liters: Deep water filtration

  • 2400 fish: Black Tilapia (fingerling to 1+lb within 4-6 months) Or 4000-6000 fry/fingerlings to sell and/or resupply within 2-3 months

Belize Statistics

  • U.S.Dept.of State: Tier 2

  • Population: 314,522

  • Victimization: Statistics unavailable, emerging human rights/trafficking awareness




Poverty and sex trafficking are close relatives, almost always overlapping. Humans—very often, children—are used, bought, and sold. As we impact poverty to decrease class and economic disparities, we work against the victimization of children.

Toledo Christian Academy is a K-8 school located in the small southern town of Toledo, Belize. Managed by a passionate Belizean staff, TCA educates and feeds more than 120 students, nurturing them to achieve some of the highest levels of academic performance in the country. TCA provides a high-quality education to children from varying economic and social backgrounds. Through social and economic diversity, quality education, mentorship, and community involvement, TCA is lessening the gap between those who struggle to eat and those who are fortunate to make a decent living. 

Belize’s aquaponic farm feeds students, while the sale of fish and produce contributes to the school’s financial stability. By providing vital resources for the school, FFC partners with TCA to empower young people to write their own story. In contrast to a life of poverty and slavery, at TCA opportunity and freedom grow wild.