South Africa


Location: South Africa

Date: February 2016

Project type: Continued Aquaponic education and training

Shared Project Cost: $9,453


Size and Capacity

  • 60’x 30’: Steel structure footprint

  • 8000 gallons: Recirculating water (30,000+ liters)

  • 4/5000 liter: Fiberglass fish tanks

  • 3000 gallons: Deep water filtration (12,000+ liters)

  • 6000 fish: Red Tilapia (fingerling to 1lb within 6-8 months)


Thailand statistics

  • U.S.Dept. of State: Tier 2 Watchlist

  • Total population: 67,959,000

  • Victimization: 425,500 living in modern-day slavery




FFC’s core team strives toward maximum effectiveness in the communities we serve. We’re committed to implementing systems that are efficient, with up to date technology and concepts. This means staying on the cutting edge of emerging science and technology through continued training, industry research, and education. In February 2016, FFC attended a thorough aquaponics education and training program led by Martin Fick of Practical Aquaponics, one of the world’s leading innovators and instructors in aquaponic farming.