Location: Thailand

Date: November 2014

Project type: Aquaponic System Completion

Partners: Remember Nhu and Hear the Cry

Project Cost: $5775


Size and Capacity

  • 60’x 30’: Steel structure footprint

  • 8000 gallons: Recirculating water (30,000+ liters)

  • 4/5000 liter: Fiberglass fish tanks

  • 3000 gallons: Deep water filtration (12,000+ liters)

  • 6000 fish: Red Tilapia (fingerling to 1lb within 6-8 months)


Thailand statistics

  • U.S.Dept. of State: Tier 2 Watchlist

  • Total population: 67,959,000

  • Victimization: 425,500 living in modern-day slavery




Remember Nhu is a non-profit organization that works with local village leaders to prevent highly vulnerable children and their families from falling into the plethora of child trafficking traps in Southeast Asia. FFC’s first project was building an aquaponic farm at a Remember Nhu property in Northern Thailand that served as a safe place for 70 children. This farm contributed to the expansion of the property, providing safety for many more at-risk children. New homes have been built, a lifestyle of greater sustainability has taken root, and local house parents serve as safe families for over 120 kids. Children and staff alike enjoy feasts of tilapia and the bountiful benefits of aquaponic gardens. Everyone participates in community life by gardening, doing homework together, and working as a team to accomplish household tasks. The sense of community and shared responsibility gives children hope as well as practical skills that create opportunities for a good future.

Thailand is one of many regions around the world where RNhu is providing safe and healthy homes, along with proper medical care, education, vocational training, and mentorship. These efforts give kids a pathway into adulthood that can break the cycle of human trafficking.