Location: Thailand

Date: April - May 2016

Project type: System filtration and efficiency upgrade

Partners: Remember Nhu and Hear the Cry

Project Cost: $8000





While growing and preparing food is a normal part of daily life for the people of Thailand, repeating this task for 140 rescued children in six homes requires a special kind of garden. An aquaponic farm makes it possible to achieve this great task, and the farm fits quite naturally within the lifestyle of sustainability already valued in Thailand’s rural communities.

In spring 2016, FFC Construction Team returned to Northern Thailand to continue staff training at Remember Nhu and to make upgrades to the aquaponics system originally built in June 2013. The system received new high-efficiency aeration pumps, backup components, and expansion of bio-filtration media beds, allowing for the growth of more than 1,200 additional vegetable-producing plants. FFC is also discussing future plans to install solar power or a backup generator that would supply 50-100% of the power to run the existing system. This addition would significantly decrease operating costs and increase production capacity.

A feast of fish in Northern Thailand is a celebration! In stark contrast with the tragic prevalence of child exploitation and trafficking in Southeast Asia, the children at Remember Nhu demonstrate great joy and thankfulness that makes every dollar and every second of hard work well worth it. These children need to be protected, and the aquaponics system is helping to make that possible.