Location: Thailand

Date: March - April 2017

Project type: New Aquaponic System Construction

Partners: ZOE

Project Cost: $14,702.45


Size and capacity


  • 60’x 40’: Greenhouse and shade house footprint

  • 12,000 gallons: Recirculating water (45,000+ liters)

  • 5/5000 liter: Plastic fish tanks/sump

  • 20,000 liters: Deep water filtration

  • 6,000 fish: Niloticous Tilapia (fingerling to 1lb within 6-8 months)

  • 2000 plants: Over 8000 vegetable producing plants, yielding vegetables all year


Thailand statistics


  • U.S.Dept. of State: Tier 2 Watchlist

  • Total population: 67,959,000

  • Victimization: 425,500 living in modern-day slavery


The ugly truth is that more than 75,000 children are prostituted in Thailand. Some of these children service 20 to 30 men each day. ZOE, an organization dedicated to rescuing these children, is the only NGO in Thailand that is able to work directly alongside law enforcement and government officials to stop the flow of child trafficking in Thailand and Southeast Asia. ZOE’s efforts in Thailand have led to the rescue of many children and to the prosecution of child-traffickers. Currently, ZOE International villages care for more than 130 rescued children who were removed from brothels and labor camps where they were victimized and held captive. ZOE fully believes in the healing, restoration, and success of these children. And so do we.

FFC had the honor of joining forces with ZOE by constructing an aquaponics system to help provide for rescued children. ZOE facilities are especially focused on local sustainability, and FFC was excited to further their efforts. One hundred percent of the fish and produce from this aquaponics farm is used to feed the children under ZOE’s care. By offsetting the cost of food to the homes, ZOE is able to increase its capacity and direct more resources toward rescuing kids from the darkest places in Thailand.