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Mobilizing the fly fishing community to create sustainable solutions to poverty & human trafficking.


What we're after

We exist to use our passion for fly fishing for a good and just cause. According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), human trafficking is the world’s third largest enterprise after drugs and weapons. Over 2 million children are affected annually. Studies show that children caught in sex trafficking are victimized by 100–1500 perpetrators each year. We formed the Fly Fishing Collaborative to mobilizing the world’s fly fishing community to use the skills we have to provide children the protection and healing they need from the injustice of sex-trafficking.

The money we raise at our local fly fishing events, the selling of our FFC branded products, and through your direct giving is used to build sustainable aquaponics farms which provide resources (fish and vegetables) to women and children who would otherwise become currency, literally needing to sell themselves as a livelihood, in a broken world.

Every $15,000 we raise provides a sustainable aquaponics farm for an orphanage or safe-home. Equipped with food, water, and fresh produce, they’re then able to put their time towards empowering local leaders to care for additional children that would otherwise be sold into slavery.

Here are a few key terms to better understand the process along with why we've found Aquaponics to be so beneficial.

Fish: Once fish are fed, they produce ammonia rich waste. Bacteria turns the ammonia into nitrates which is absorbed into the plants. When fish grow to market size, they can be sold, and replaced with new fish reared from eggs.

Water: Water pumped through the grow bed is filtered by the plants, and then returned to the fish tank ammonia free. 

Plants: Typically suspended on floating raft platforms or planted into rock, plants absorb the nitrates as nutrients. They grow quickly in the nutrient rich water and can be eaten or sold in the marketplace.

Oxygen: Fish breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants absorb the carbon, leaving oxygen rich water to return to the plants. 

Bacteria: Naturally occurring bacteria converts the ammonia into nitrites and then into nitrates with new fish reared from eggs.

Why Aquaponics? In developing (or struggling) nations, momentarily supplying needs is a great thing, but there must be a point where they're working with a self sustaining system of food production that allows them a more consistent and constant channel of provision. Hydroponics can often meet that need.We’re finding this to be true and are inviting you to join us as we work towards global justice by giving entire villages access to tools they otherwise would have no way of gaining. 



We recognize that there are rivers, streams, and waterways across the globe that cry out for protection. Because of this, we're committed to supporting the great conservation efforts of our local rivers and their wild fish.


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Religious partnership statement

In the pursuit of our goal to mobilize the fly fishing community to create sustainable solutions to human trafficking we often find ourselves in remote or marginalized parts of the world. In these areas it’s often a local church, faith based safe home, or private school which proves to be the most trustworthy organization to run and care for our aquaponic farms.

Our loyalty to the organizations we partner with is not determined by a particular religious point of view, but rather it is because they hold to our same values of helping the vulnerable from trafficking. Regardless of your current worldview, we invite you to join with us in creating sustainable solutions for vulnerable women and children around the world.

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+ Staff

Bucky Buchstaber: Executive Director & Co-founder. Read Bio. Email

Paul Ridgway: Aquaponics Systems Director, Board Member. Email

Nikki Smith: Administrative Assistant

Nate Kupish: Creative Director

Bryan Crumpler: Board Member

Jeff Coffey: Board Member

Tony Overstake: Board Member

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